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These quick-ship Stealth Belt Styles are designed to suit the needs of almost everyone who has an ostomy. For unique requirements, custom colors, or special requests, please see our custom options
Our Most Versatile Ostomy Belt
The Stealth Belt Pro is our most versatile belt. Designed for everyday wear, the Pro provides 24/7 support for every lifestyle. The Stealth Belt Pro, available in horizontal and vertical options, is custom designed to be sleek, stylish, and comfortable while supporting and concealing your ostomy appliance.
Features Include:
  • Easy-Access Zipper
  • Expandable Pouch Compartment
  • 4" Range of Adjustability
  • Double-Locking Closure system
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric
Allows Your Bag to Sit Vertically
The Vertical Stealth Belt is the alternative version of our most popular belt, the Stealth Belt Pro. The vertical orientation of this belt style is there to accommodate those who have high-output ileostomies, urostomies, or simply prefer to keep their bags facing straight down. It is designed to support and conceal the ostomy appliance while providing all-day comfort. Features include: Easy access zipper, Expandable pouch compartment, 4" Range of adjustability, Double-locking closure system, Moisture-wicking fabric.
Features Include:
  • Everyday Wear
  • Exercise & Light Swimming
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Ships 1-2 Business Days
Your Extreme Water Sports Solution
The Neoprene Extreme by Stealth Belt is designed to withstand the impact of any wave. Not recommended for 24/7 support, this belt was designed to keep up with your need for adventure. Great for surfing and wakeboarding, the Neoprene Extreme is designed to keep your appliance secure and safe.
Features Include:
  • Easy-Access Zipper
  • Expandable Pouch Compartment
  • 4" Range of Adjustability
  • Double-Locking Closure System
  • All-Neoprene Fabric Face
Light-Weight Support for Leisure
The Slip-On Belt by Stealth Belt is ideal for casual daily wear, light activity, and sleeping. Designed for the slimmest possible profile, the Slip-On Belt provides maximum comfort and light support for life’s leisure moments. Having no closure system, this belt blends perfectly beneath tank tops and tighter fitting clothing.
Features Include:
  • Easy-Access Zipper
  • Expandable Pouch Compartment
  • No Adjustability
  • Step-In, Slip-On System
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Custom Options

Custom Stealth Belts are made-to-order, and typically take between 3-5 weeks to be delivered. For faster service, please consider our standard products, as there are styles available to ship right away that work for almost everyone!

Custom Color Options

Interested in a new color options for your next Stealth Belt? Check out our current color options below and find a new design to match your style or wardrobe! Custom color belts are made to order, and typically take between 3-5 weeks to be shipped. We highly recommend that if this is your first Stealth Belt, that you start with one of our quick ship options in black on our main shopping cart page HERE

Delicate Delight Lace
Moon Light Rendezvous Lace
Color Blue
Bubble Gum Pink
Gunmetal Grey
Hunter Green
Navy Blue
Neon Pink
Pink Paradise Palms
Polka Dot Candy Shop
Psychedelic Blue Flowers
Sunset Palm Tree Party
Toy Soldier Camo