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Stealth ostomy support belts are made to be low profile and conceal an ostomy appliance while complimenting any wardrobe.



Our ostomy belts are made with a breathable, 4-way stretch fabric that comfortably supports the weight of ostomy appliances as they fill and apply gentle pressure to the adhesive for extra security.



Stealth ostomy support belts are made to be used all day. They are great for casual daily use, sleeping, and intimacy, as well as for swimming and intense physical exercise. They are made for any type of stoma bag user, age, and size.


Stealth ostomy support belts are made with the highest quality materials and an unwavering focus on comfort and usability.


We use a 4-way stretch fabric that is durable enough to hold up during extreme sports but also comfortable, lightweight, and breathable enough for intimacy or sleep.



Stealth Belt ostomy belts and wraps are proven to reduce the frequency of leakage as well as the incidence and frequency of skin irritation in a study conducted by the University of South Alabama. It has been published in JWOCN. For more information, check out our study here.



Our ostomy belt products are designed to be low profile and discrete so that you have the freedom to decide who knows you have an ostomy and who doesn’t.

1. Loosely attach the Velcro ends of the Stealth Belt ostomy support belt waistband around your body.  (If you have a Slip-On style, simply step into the belt and pull it around your body.)

2. Open the zippered pouch compartment and thread the ostomy bag through the flange hole.

3. Adjust the hole around your flange.

4. Place your ostomy bag comfortably into the pouch compartment.

5. Close the zipper. (zipper should be at the bottom)

6. Secure your ostomy belt to your body by re-adjusting the Velcro waistband closures.

7. For more help on wearing your Stealth Belt, visit this page here.


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Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belts work with 100% of ostomy bag manufacturers on the market!


What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

Stealth Belt Ostomy Belt

Our Stealth Belt ostomy support belt is made with advanced materials to enhance your overall experience. You'll appreciate the softness, breathability, and flexibility from the moment you put it on. The materials used are gentle on your skin and durable, ensuring that your ostomy support belt will give you comfort all day!

The Stealth Belt ostomy belts for men and women are a testament to how performance and sustainability coexist—looking for ostomy belts for sale? Stealth Belt has a variety of ostomy support belts that can be used for various purposes.

The Stealth Belt ostomy belt is designed for everybody with the sole goal in mind for our customers to Go Anywhere. Do Anything. with an ostomy bag! Our ostomy belt is made to provide a number of advantages, promoting the confidence and general well-being of those who have had ostomy surgery. The assurance of stability and security is a major benefit. The belt stops the ostomy pouch from moving or shifting during the day by holding it firmly in place. This function, which offers mobility and peace of mind, is especially helpful for people who lead busy lifestyles. Furthermore, by equally dispersing the pouch's weight, the ostomy belt improves user comfort by lessening the tension on the sensitive skin around the stoma. Additionally, our belt encourages discretion by deftly hiding the ostomy bag beneath clothes and adding to a general feeling of normality.

Male and Female Ostomy Belts
Stealth Belt Male Ostomy Belts

Ostomy Belts and Wraps

Life after surgery with an ostomy bag can mean several changes both physically but also in your day-to-day life. Finding a comfortable, fashionable, and discreet product can make a new patient feel at ease! Thanks to the adjustable ostomy belt and wraps. The Stealth Belt ostomy support belts also work with all types of ostomies! Our belt is for you whether you have an ileostomy, urostomy, colostomy, or even two ostomies! Another important advantage of our ostomy belts and wraps is their discreetness, which successfully hides and streamlines the look of the ostomy pouch, making it less obvious beneath clothes. After ostomy surgery, patients should think about using these items to improve their general wellbeing, boost their self-esteem, and feel more normal in their everyday activities. In addition to being useful, the ostomy belts and wraps we offer help people with ostomies have more private, secure, and pleasant lives.

The Stealth Belt comes in a range of sizes suited for all body types! If you don’t see your size in our standard section, call us for custom sizing at 800-237-4491 M-F 9-6pm EST.

Ostomy Wraps and Belts Pt 2

The Stealth Belt ostomy support belts are designed with comfort and support in mind. The flange hole is sized with your specific ostomy appliance. The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt works with all ostomy bag manufacturers, including : Hollister, Coloplast, Convatec, NuHope, and more!

The pouch is securely fastened in the ostomy belts and guards while the zipper ensures everything is in place to help prevent ostomy skin irritation and leakage. Our ostomy belts and wraps are unique in that they are extremely useful accessories that provide several benefits to those who have had ostomy surgery. By firmly keeping the ostomy pouch in place and preventing any undesired movement or shifting during the day, these items offer vital Security and Stability. This is a very useful feature for those with busy lives. Furthermore, by equally spreading the weight of the ostomy pouch, our ostomy belts and wraps put the wearer's comfort first. This lessens the tension on the sensitive skin surrounding the stoma and makes for a more comfortable experience.

Stealth Belt Female Ostomy Belts
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Stoma Support Belt By Stealth Belt

Stoma Support Belt

Our stoma support belt was created by an ostomy patient looking to create more support for every activity he does in his life! Our stoma belt supports urostomy, colostomy, and ileostomy bags. You can use our ostomy belts for swimming, surfing, lifting weights, walking, lounging, and working! Check out our ostomy belts for women, too!

Ostomy leakage can be frustrating and unexpected, so make sure to always have your Stealth Belt ostomy support belts with you to prevent this from happening! Many people who have had ostomy surgery find our Stoma Support Belts to be a good option due to its many advantages. The most important of these benefits is the unmatched security and stability they offer. Our belts meet the demands of those with busy lives by securely fastening the ostomy pouch to avoid any unwanted movement or shifting during the day. The comfort factor is crucial since these belts are expertly made to appropriately distribute the weight of the ostomy pouch, lessening pressure on the skin surrounding the stoma and improving user comfort.

Colostomy Belt

Created for colostomy bag users, the Stealth Belt’s design works to provide comfort with any movement you have during your day-to-day life activities.

Our belts have a 6” range of adjustability, giving you the freedom to choose the fit you want and need in an ostomy support belt.

Ileostomy Belt

The Stealth Belt stoma belt is the perfect option for ileostomy bag users! We have designed a vertical-style belt, so your stoma bag can be angled toward the ground for easy emptying.

If you have a high-output ileostomy, the vertical style is for you! The stoma belt material expands as your bag fills and is proven to reduce leakage and skin irritation.

Urostomy Belt

The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt is tailored for urostomy bag patients. Its design for comfort and focus on breathability makes wearing a support belt seamless.

The 6” range of adjustability guarantees you will find the right fit for you!

Ostomy Bag Covers Belt

The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt comes in many different colors and prints that are customized to fit any activity or lifestyle you would like!

We have lace options for your ostomy belt for more intimate times with your partner as well as subtle colors like white and nude! Check out our custom colors for your ostomy bag cover belt!

Bag Covers For Ostomy Belts

Stoma Support Belt

Your Stealth Belt stoma support belt is your ticket to a comfortable and secure life with an ostomy bag. Not only will it put your mind at ease for ostomy leaks and skin irritation, but it will also make you no longer worry about your ostomy bag so you can enjoy life!

Ostomy Belt For Swimming

The Stealth Belt Neoprene ostomy support belt is designed specifically to support your ostomy bag in the water! Our ostomy belts for swimming are made with a neoprene wetsuit like material that is moisture-wicking and will uphold any and all water sports activity! Our ostomy belts are made of premium materials and are built to resist the rigors of aquatic conditions. The belts' robust design guarantees that they will hold up against elements like water, chlorine, and other things that are commonly encountered when swimming. Consumers may rely on our ostomy belts' sturdy construction to deliver the required stability and security without sacrificing longevity. These belts are a safe and dependable option for swimming because of their water-resistant and durable design, which gives people with ostomies the confidence to participate in water-based sports. Customers can live an active and water-loving lifestyle with our ostomy belts, knowing that they will be comfortable and worry-free when swimming.

Swimming Stealth Belt
Night Use Ostomy Belts

Ostomy Belt For Night Use

Our Slip-On style ostomy support belts are designed to support your ostomy bag during sleeping, lounging, or intimate times. It does not have velcro so its sleek design is our most discreet option and you won’t even notice it is there! The Slip-On stoma belt will support your bag throughout the night and help reduce leaks which is one of ostomates biggest worries!

Our Slip-On ostomy support belts work with all types of ostomy bag brands and manufacturers including: Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister, NuHope, and more! Get your ostomy belts from Stealth Belt today!

Stealth Belt ostomy belts for men and women are a testament to how performance and sustainability coexist—looking for ostomy belts for sale? Stealth Belt has a variety of ostomy support belts that can be used for various purposes.

Additionally, Stealth Belt ostomy belts provide gentle support to the abdominal area, which can be particularly comforting for people with ostomies who may have concerns about hernias or abdominal discomfort while lying down.

Vertical Ostomy Belt

Say goodbye to leaks and skin irritation with the vertical ostomy support belt!

Discover our vertical ostomy belt which is designed for colostomy bags, urostomy bags, and ileostomy bags. Our stoma support belt will give you the added comfort, security, and discretion you need in your new life with an ostomy bag.

Check out our academic study published in JWOCN that shows that Stealth Belt ostomy support belts are proven to reduce leakage and skin irritation in ostomy bag users here. Our vertical ostomy belt's distinctive design, which offers the best possible Security and Stability, is one of the main factors influencing customers' decisions. Because of the vertical orientation, which guarantees a snug fit and prevents undesired movement or shifting, the ostomy pouch is kept firmly in place. This design element provides a dependable and comfortable solution, making it especially beneficial for people who lead busy lifestyles. Furthermore, the vertical ostomy belt puts comfort first by equally dispersing the pouch's weight and lessening the tension on the skin surrounding the stoma. Our vertical ostomy belts, which prioritize security, comfort, and discretion, provide a useful and dependable option for those looking for stable and successful ostomy management.

Ostomy Belt In Vertical Design

FAQ’s About Ostomy Belts

An ostomy belt, also known as a stoma belt or ostomy support belt, is a specialized garment designed to provide support, security, and comfort to individuals with ostomies.
Ostomy support belts are designed to provide comfort and security to individuals who have undergone ostomy surgery. They can be worn by a wide range of people, including those with a colostomy bag, ileostomy bag, urostomy bag, or those who have double ostomies.
Yes! The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt has a 6 inch range of adjustability with a double-locking velcro closure. This gives the ostomy bag user the option to adjust how tight or loose they would like their stoma belt to be!

An ostomy belt’s sole purpose is to support an ostomy bag and hold it securely to the body to help protect it and make the ostomate feel comfortable.

The ostomy belt will also help to prevent your ostomy bag from leakage and skin irritation from common ostomy bag leaks.

The Stealth Belt ostomy belt is so much more than just an ostomy bag cover. Its high quality 4-way stretch material, secure velcro double locking closure, breathability and quick drying feature makes it stand out from any other ostomy belt on the market!

Yes you can wear your Stealth Belt ostomy support belt all day. It is designed for 24/7 all day wear and support in any activity you would like to partake in.  Hernia belts for ostomy patients are specially designed for an all day usage.

The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt can be worn all day. It is designed to last a long time due to its high quality fabric and breathability. It is best to have multiple belts and styles so you can have an ostomy belt for swimming, an ostomy belt for sleeping, ostomy hernia belts, and an ostomy belt for sports and activities.

Yes you can sleep with a Stealth Belt stoma support belt. We recommend our Slip-On style belt for the most comfort and protection for sleeping at night with an ostomy bag.

The Slip-On belt will help hold your ostomy bag in place while you sleep and support the weight of your bag as it fills.

Ostomy belts are an added accessory to your ostomy bag appliance set-up. The benefits of a Stealth Belt ostomy support belt include: provides security to your ostomy bag helping to reduce leakage and skin-irritation, adds comfort for everyday use, and provides discretion for those moments you don't want your ostomy bag shown to others!

To machine wash your ostomy belt, fasten all belt closures to prevent the Velcro from sticking to other laundry items. Machine wash your Stealth Belt on gentle cycle in warm water, using no bleach. For extra care, you may place the Stealth Belt ostomy belt inside a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to wash. Machine dry Stealth Belt ostomy belt on delicate cycle or drip dry flat. For longer durability, you may hand wash and drip dry your Stealth Belt ostomy belt.

Many Stealth Belt ostomy belt customers find it beneficial to purchase two belts, one to wash and one to wear, so that they are never without the comfort and confidence of their Stealth Belt ostomy belt. This also helps to promote longer wear and durability of each belt.