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Stealth Belt General Information

What is a Stealth Belt?

A Stealth Belt is a stylish ostomy support belt designed for all ostomy patient wearers. Stealth Belts are designed to fit snugly against the body in order to provide maximum support, comfort, and protection. The stretchy, zippered pouch compartment allows the ostomy appliance to fill evenly while the belt supports the weight of the bag until it is time to empty. No more painful or irritating tugging of adhesive on the skin around the stoma area!

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Why is my Stealth belt pouch shorter than my ostomy bag?

The reason the Stealth Belt is shorter is to support the weight of the bag as it fills up.

Why is the hole on my horizontal belt on the opposite side of my stoma?

The reason the hole is on the opposite side of your stoma is because on a horizontal style belt, you will angle your belt towards your hip. For a right sided stoma, the hole will be on the left and you will angle your belt to your right. For a left sided belt, the hole will be on the right and you will angle your bag to your left.

How do I put my Stealth Belt on?

1. Loosely attach the Velcro ends of the Stealth Belt waistband together around your body.

   (If you have a Slip-On style, simply step into the belt and pull it up around your body.)

2. Open the zippered pouch compartment, and thread the ostomy bag through the flange hole.


3. Adjust the hole around your flange.

4. Place your ostomy bag comfortably into the pouch compartment.

5. Close the zipper. (zipper should be at the bottom)

6. Secure your belt to your body by re-adjusting the Velcro waistband closures. 


How do I know if Stealth Belt is for me?

Our mission is to make Stealth Belts a great option for everyone who wears an ostomy appliance. Stealth Belts are designed for men, women, and children and come in all sizes and styles. Stealth Belts are great for active and leisure lifestyles and are designed to fit most ostomy appliance styles and brands. We have a wide variety of styles available to fill all your special needs. 

How should I clean, empty, or change the ostomy bag while wearing a Stealth Belt?

Stealth Belts allow you to access your ostomy bag without removing the belt from your body. The zippered pouch on your Stealth Belt provides easy access for cleaning, changing, or emptying your ostomy bag. Simply unzip the bottom of the pouch, allow your ostomy bag to slide down, and proceed to empty your bag normally. 

Can I use a Stealth Belt if I wear a one-piece, non-drainable bag?

Yes. If your ostomy bag does not have a drain opening in the bottom of the bag, you will need to remove the Stealth Belt when removing and changing out your non-drainable bag. Once you reapply a new bag, simply put your Stealth Belt back on. Please mention you use a one-piece non-drainable appliance when ordering to ensure the stoma hole opening on your Stealth Belt accommodates the opening size you need.

How does the ostomy bag fit in the Stealth Belt? Vertically or horizontally?

Stealth Belts are designed to hold the ostomy bag in a horizontal and vertical position inside the pouch compartment.

In the horizontal position, the Stealth Belt allows the ostomy bag to be secure above the waistline. Some great advantages of horizontal placement are that it prevents pressure or restriction from clothing waistbands or waist/seat belts. Horizontal placement is also more discreet, comfortable, aesthetic and more practical for intimacy.  

We also make Vertical Stealth Belts for those who prefer to wear their ostomy bag in a vertical position. This makes it easy when emptying the appliance and for most urostomy patients.

How do I wash my Stealth Belt ostomy support belt?

To machine wash, fasten all belt closures to prevent the Velcro from sticking to other laundry items. Machine wash your Stealth Belt on gentle cycle in warm water, using no bleach. For extra care, you may place the Stealth Belt inside a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase to wash. Machine dry Stealth Belt on delicate cycle or drip dry flat. For longer durability, you may hand wash and drip dry your Stealth Belt.

Many Stealth Belt customers find it advantageous to purchase two belts, one to wash and one to wear, so that they are never without the comfort and confidence of their Stealth Belt. This also helps to promote longer wear and durability of each belt.

If I have questions how do I contact you?

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us by phone (800-237-4491) M-F 9-6pm EST or fill out a Contact Us on our website and we will email you back!

How long should a Stealth Belt last?

A single Stealth Belt, worn daily, can last up to 6 months. Extend the life of a belt by ordering more than one and following the wash/care instructions for the belt.

Is the Stealth Belt ostomy support belt adjustable and made to fit any body size?

Yes the Stealth Belt is an adjustable support belt with velcro and has a range of 2 inches smaller and larger than its size. For example if you order a size 30, the belt will adjust from size 28-32 with the velcro depending on how tight or loose you make it. Our belts are made for any person of any shape and can be ordered in any size ranging from infants to plus size.

What material are Stealth Belt ostomy support belts made with?

The Stealth Belt Pro and Slip-on belts are made with Nylon Lycra material - a moisture wicking fabric that is lightweight and cool. It has a stretch similar to bike shorts or swimwear. The Neoprene belt is made with wetsuit-like Neoprene to accommodate extreme water activities. The Hybrid belt is made with Nylon Lycra with an additional Neoprene strip across the front of the belt.

If my stoma is centered should I order a right-sided belt or left-sided belt?

If you have a centered stoma, the choice is yours! Left-sided belts will have the closure more to the left side, while right-sided belts will have the closure more on the right side. Select the option that aligns best with your comfort and preference.

Activities with a Stealth Belt

Can I swim with the Stealth Belt ostomy support belt?

Yes. Stealth Belts are ideal for all water activities. The Stealth Belt will securely hold the ostomy bag in place so you can enjoy the water. The lightweight material rapidly dries when you are out of the water.

For water sports, such as wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, competitive swimming, and more, we recommend the Neoprene Belt that is custom-designed to be tough and strong enough to handle extreme situations in water.


Can I really do all activities with a Stealth Belt? I have an active lifestyle.

Yes. Stealth Belts allow full mobility, security and flexibility of movement for an active lifestyle. Stealth Belts can be worn for all of your daily activities as well as for moderate activities such as running, dancing, aerobics, cycling, and swimming. 

We also offer Hybrid and Neoprene custom ostomy support belts for extreme sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Extreme sports Stealth Belts are designed to be durable, heavy-duty, and breathable. They are made to be worn for extreme sports and intense action and exertion. They are not a replacement for the Stealth Belt Pro. 

Can I sleep in my Stealth Belt?

Yes, you can sleep in your Stealth Belt. You can comfortably wear it 24 hours a day. The Stealth Belt helps prevent movement and shifting around of the ostomy bag which can wake you up when you roll over, or cause skin irritation around your stoma area. The Stealth Belt keeps the ostomy bag as flat as possible so you can be more comfortable while you sleep

Can the Stealth Belt ostomy support belt be used during intimacy?

Yes. Stealth Belts will completely conceal your ostomy bag, so it is not visible to others. Your Stealth Belt will also hold your bag as close to your body as possible to prevent the bag from shifting around. Stealth Belts provide a discreet, aesthetic solution to managing your ostomy bag during intimacy.

Can a Stealth Belt help with guarding? I worry about getting hit accidentally.

You no longer have to guard your side when you’re wearing a Stealth Belt. You’ll have extra layers of protection and a strong waist belt closure system to keep your ostomy bag safely and securely attached to your body. Check out our protective mufflers and Stoma Dome’s for added protection and discretion. 

Ostomy Related Information

What happens when the ostomy bag fills?

Stealth Belts' stretchy material and the design of the pouch allows the ostomy or urostomy bag to fill naturally, inside the compartment. The zippered pouch compartment stretches when the ostomy or urostomy bag expands; then the pouch shrinks back to its normal size when emptied, for a sleek, stealthy look. Simply open the zipper on the belt to empty your bag without having to remove the belt!

Can I leave my Stealth Belt on to empty my ostomy bag?

Yes. Whether you have a one-piece or a two-piece system, the Stealth Belt will stay securely in place against your body while you empty your ostomy appliance. The zippered pouch allows for convenient access to your appliance without the need to remove or adjust the Stealth Belt.

How can a Stealth Belt help with leakage?

Yes. Stealth Belts help keep the adhesive flange patch in place, so it won't come unstuck from the stoma area as easily. Stealth Belts act as an added layer of protection if you have a leaking bag. 

Wearing your Stealth Belt also gives you added layers of material, providing a few more minutes to get to the bathroom should you have a problem with a leaking bag.

Shipping Related Questions

Can I return my belt for a new size?

Yes! Simply send back your belt within 10 business days of receiving it, unwashed, and unworn. Please mail it back to 210 W Oakland Ave. Suite B Johnson City, TN 37604 and include your sales order, full name, and any pertinent information towards your new belt. For example a new body size, flange size, color, or stoma location. For more info about returns, check out our exchange policy -Exchange Policy & Shipping Terms and ConditionsFor any additional questions, please call us at 800-237-4491 M-F 9-6pm EST.

Are there authorized sellers in Canada?

We currently have 3 Canadian distributors.

1. Home Health Medical Supplies-

2. Diamond Athletics for custom orders-

3. Healthcare Solutions-


Can my insurance provider reimburse me for my Stealth Belt?

It is possible! Many insurance companies will reimburse you for the partial or total cost of your Stealth Belts. Please contact your insurance company prior to ordering to find out what they may require for you to seek reimbursement.

What shipping couriers do you use?

We utilize a distributing company that ships our packaging. They use different couriers that vary on a day to day basis. These include, USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Global Mail.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally to most countries. Customs and taxes may apply. We may need additional information such as an identification number or date of birth for select countries. Countries we do not ship to include: Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Spain, and North Korea.

Can you include “Medical Device” on the label on my package?

No, due to the nature of utilizing a distribution company we can’t manually add this to your package.

Will I receive tracking information for my order?

After the order is placed you will receive an email confirming your order. Once the order is fulfilled and ready to ship out, you will receive a link to track your order. If your order is international, you may not receive a tracking link due to certain shipping couriers.

What is a fulfillment period?

A fulfillment period is the time it takes to process your order and get it ready to be shipped out. Shipping time is the time it takes in transit to make it to your home.