How To Measure

To order your Stealth Belt
you will need 3 measurements:

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What side of your body is your stoma located on? Look down at yourself. (Right / Left)

Choose Left or Right side.

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What is your body size at the level of your stoma/ostomy?(Measure around your body both above and below your stoma.)

Take the average of these two measurements for your body size when ordering. For best fit please measure at the stoma level without going over your pouch or stoma.

Please Measure Waist Size at the level of your Stoma. This is usually different from the normal pants measurement.

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What is the flange diameter of your ostomy bag?(Watch the video to learn how to measure for flange size.)

2 piece appliance: Measure the diameter from side to side of the plastic ring on the ostomy bag. 1 piece appliance: Fold down the ostomy bag towards the center to expose the circular edge. Measure from one edge to other edge.

If you use a 2-piece Hollister appliance, the flange measurement is located on the box next to the circular flange icon.

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