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Ostomy Support Belt Fitting & Measurement


How To Measure

To order your Stealth Belt you will need 3 measurements:


What side of your body is your stoma located on? Look down at yourself. (Right / Left)

Choose Left or Right side.

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What is your body size at the level of your stoma/ostomy? (Measure around your body both above and below your stoma.)

Take the average of these two measurements for your body size when ordering. For best fit please measure at the stoma level without going over your pouch or stoma. Note: It is not recommended to use your pants size.

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What is the flange diameter of your ostomy bag? (Watch the video to learn how to measure for flange size.)

2 piece appliance: Measure the diameter from side to side of the plastic ring on the ostomy bag. 1 piece appliance: Fold down the ostomy bag towards the center to expose the circular edge. Measure from one edge to other edge.

If you use a 2-piece Hollister appliance, the flange measurement is located on the box next to the circular flange icon.

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How To Put on Your

stealth belt

Helps secure the flange against your body to avoid the pulling sensation when the pouch is full.

Keeps your ostomy pouch inside a compartment built into the belt.

Easily unzip for easy draining and cleaning while wearing the belt.

Out of sight and out of mind so you can enjoy life and be active again after surgery.

Designed to be tough enough to hold up for an Iron Man Marathon but still lightweight and comfortable to wear 24 hours a day.

Options for Wearing Your Ostomy Bag In Any Direction

We offer custom tailored Stealth Belts for vertical and diagonal wear, too. Your ostomy pouch may be worn in the direction that is most comfortable for you. Many active people, like Collin, prefer the security and benefits of the lightweight horizontal designs.

DEAR STEALTH BELT,“The Stealthbelt Pro has allowed me to return to the job I love. It secures my ostomy bag and allows me to concentrate on the work at hand.” Firefighter Lt. Scott S.

Scott S.
Atlanta, Georgia

“My name is Rebecca and I am an actress / YouTuber. I have suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for 8yrs, and this past September had my colon removed. I am now wearing an Ostomy bag and decided to document my journey to raise IBD Awareness.”

Rebecca Zamolo
Los Angeles, CA

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