How To Put on Your

stealth belt.

How To Wear an Ostomy Belt

How To Empty From A Horizontal Stealth Belt


Stealth Belt Body Size

Stealth Belt's body size can be adjusted about 4" inches. Please reference our sizing guide to see how much the velcro should overlap for your preferred size.

Left sided Belts vs. Right Sided Belts

Horizontal Stealth Belts are designed to hold the ostomy appliance toward the hip that is nearest to the stoma. For example, if you have a right sided stoma the ostomy appliance and Stealth Belt will be positioned towards the right hip.

If you would prefer to have your ostomy appliance positioned horizontally toward the center of the body, simply order the Stealth Belt that is opposite the side of your stoma.


Options for Wearing Your Ostomy Bag Vertically or Horizontally

We offer Stealth Belts in both Vertical and Diagonal styles to give you options for what is most comfortable with your appliance.

Horizontal Style Stealth Belts


Horizontal style Stealth Belts are made to keep the ostomy as discreet and secure as possible. By holding the appliance towards the side, the Stealth Belt allows for more range of motion and makes wearing seat belts and belt buckles more comfortable. For those who are more physically active or prefer to keep the appliance from dangling between the legs, the horizontal styles are often preferable.

Vertical Style Stealth Belts

Vertical style Stealth Belts are made for those who prefer to keep their ostomy appliance worn vertically, but want the security, concealment, and comfort of a Stealth Belt. The vertical orientation is often preferred by those who have exceptionally watery output from their stoma, or for those who have worn an ostomy vertically for a long time and do not want to change their process. Ultimately, the decisions between vertical or horizontal style is a matter of personal preference.