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Customized Design and Styles to Suit unique needs
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Custom Ostomy Support Belts Designed For You By You

  • Custom Colors
  • Hernia Support Options
  • Double Ostomy
  • Extra or Unique Zipper Placement
  • High Performance Styles
  • And MORE!
Pricing Available Upon Request
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Popular Custom Options

Customized Hernia Support Solutions
Our Standard Hernia support option has 2” inches of addition support added around the flange hole of the Stealth Belt Pro or Vertical Stealth Belt. This support is designed to help address mild to moderate peristomal hernias. Please contact us directly to place an order.
If your Hernia is advanced and requires additional support, We can customize the shape and style of the belt and added support to suit your needs. Please contact us and use THIS WORKSHEET to determine the correct measurements for your belt. Pricing on hernia belts will vary depending on the complexity of the design.
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Custom Color Options
Looking for an ostomy support belt with some extra flair? Stealth Belts can be made in a wide range of various colors to match your specific style. The Belt Styles we can make in custom colors include.
Features Include:
  • Stealth Belt Pro
  • Vertical Stealth Belt
  • Slip-On Style Stealth Belt
  • Hernia Support Belt
  • Hybrid Stealth Belt
See Color Options
The High Intensity Ostomy Support Belt
The Hybrid Stealth Belt is a favorite among athletes, construction workers, police officers, or anyone who is looking for maximal support and added protection from impact. The Hybrid has a neoprene strip across the front of the belt, which helps protect the stoma from utility belts or impact in sport. Hybrid Belts can have hernia support added and are custom made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.
Features Include:
  • Easy-Access Zipper
  • Expandable Pouch Compartment
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Double-Locking Closure System
Double Ostomy Support Solutions
Stealth Belts can be made for those who have Double Ostomies. Please start with THIS WORKSHEET and set up a call with our representatives to get the measurements correct. Double Ostomy Belts can be made in any size, and with vertical or horizontal wear options.
Features Include:
  • 2 Easy-Access Zippered Compartments
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • Lightweight, Moisture-Wicking Fabric
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Custom Design Capabilities
Stealth Belts can be designed to suit a wide range of requests. However, our custom designs are non-returnable, so if this is your first belt we highly recommend you check out our standard range of products HERE. Contact us if you have a specific request to upgrade your next Stealth Belt to suit your needs! Pricing of custom requests will vary depending on the complexity of the design. Custom Design Capabilities.
Features Include:
  • Extended Pouch Size
  • Adjusted Velcro Placement
  • Slim Style
  • Cummerbund Style
  • More!
Personalize Now

Custom Color Options

Interested in a new color options for your next Stealth Belt? Check out our current color options below and find a new design to match your style or wardrobe! Custom color belts are made to order, and typically take between 3-5 weeks to be shipped. We highly recommend that if this is your first Stealth Belt, that you start with one of our quick ship options in black on our main shopping cart pages HERE

Delicate Delight Lace
Moon Light Rendezvous Lace
Color Blue
Bubble Gum Pink
Hunter Green
Neon Green
Neon Pink
Olive Green
Orange Water Flowers
Pastel Jungle
Pink And Yellow Flower Race
Pink Paradise Palms
Polka Dot Candy Shop
Psychedelic Blue Flowers
Red Flower Dreams
Sunset Palm Tree Party
This Is My Happy Face
Toy Soldier Camo
White Flowers In The Meadow
World Of Flags
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All custom creations are one of a kind and are non-refundable. We will work with you to create a belt that works for you. Remake and rework options are available in special cases or if an error is made by Stealth Belts design team. If this is your first Stealth Belt, we highly recommend starting with our quick ship options, which can be returned, refunded, or exchanged. Please contact us for more details!

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