Resources for ostomy health care

Below you'll find resources for helping your patients before and after ostomy surgery. Get a useful overview of tools, materials, programs and products that you can use to help support your ostomy patients.

Product Information
At Stealth Belt, we don't just make the products, we use them too. Learn more about our different products and how each can help improve your patients' quality of life.
Nurse Resources
We want to make your job easier by giving you the tools, education and information to help you empower your patients to live their best life after surgery. Learn about how to help solve common problems for your patients, answer questions about insurance, how to measure, and more with our clinicians guide.
Stealth Belt Success Stories and Patient Resources
It can be incredibly challenging to adjust to life with an ostomy, but inspiring success stories, tips, and tricks from the people who've done it before can make it easier. Check out our community resources page to find different success stories to share with your patients.
Set up a virtual In-Service Presentation with Stealth Belt
Schedule an in-service with Stealth Belt Vice President and ostomate Collin Jarvis to learn more about Stealth Belt and how it can benefit your ostomy patients.
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