Stealth Belt, Inc.


Our Founding

The first Stealth Belt was created by Richard O’Hamill after he had ileostomy surgery in 2008 as a result of Crohn’s Disease. He found that his invention helped him feel more comfortable and confident with his ostomy, and in 2009 he started Stealth Belt, Inc. to share it with the world.

Growth & Partnership

In 2016 Stealth Belt partnered with Hurdle Barriers, LLC in order to expand their ability to ship orders next-day and improve the overall customer experience. One of HBLLC’s founders, Collin Jarvis, was a satisfied Stealth Belt Customer since 2014 and is now Vice President of Stealth Belt. Collin is the leading spokesperson for the brand within the ostomy community, and he shares his inspirational story nationwide.


Expanding Service

In 2019 Stealth Belt celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and also acquired the UK based company ComfortBelt, in order to help serve our UK customers with faster and more affordable shipping options for quality ostomy support belt solutions.

Looking Forward

As we move forward, we are excited to add more products to our inventory to be shipped within one day, with same-day shipping options in the US as an achievable goal. As with the acquisition of ComfortBelt in the UK, Stealth Belt is committed to providing quality products and service to everyone who has an ostomy.


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