Team Members

  • Richard O’Hamill

    Richard is the inventor and founder of Stealth Belt.   Richard's Personal Story I SUFFERED...

  • Collin Jarvis
    Vice President

    Collin has been using a Stealth Belt since 2014 when he first got his ileostomy, and officially...

  • Sheila Burger
    Director of Operations

    Sheila joined Stealth Belt in 2014 as a seamstress. She made her way to head seamstress where she...

  • Corin Kline
    Customer Service Supervisor

    Corin has been with Stealth Belt since, when she started as a seamstress. After learning the...

  • Logan Allen

    Logan has been with Stealth Belt since April 2019. She began as both an Executive Assistant and...

  • Steven Hyder
    Office Manager

    Steven joined the Stealth Belt team in 2018. He began working in Quality Control and has rapidly...

  • Rebecca Amroian
    Director of WOC Nurse Relations

    Rebecca keeps in contact with and educates WOC Nurses about the benefits of Stealth Belt. She is...

  • Victoria Bloom
    Customer Service

    Victoria has been using the Stealth Belt since 2017 after looking for a solution to help conceal...

  • Zac Carlson
    Customer Service

    Zac has been with Stealth Belt since January 2020, He is customer service, and enjoys helping...

  • Samuel Bernard
    Customer Service
  • Alyssa Zeldenrust
    Customer Service

    Alyssa started at Stealth Belt in 2019. “As a happy customer with a passion for connecting fellow...

  • Moriah Delp
    Sewing Technician & Quality Control Team Lead
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Stealth Belt's highly skilled team of seamstresses and manufactures are dedicated to ensuring we deliver the highest quality product to you. Each product is sewn with impeccable quality and detail so you can Go Anywhere and DO Anything with confidence that your Stealth Belt will provide the durability and support you need. We use the highest quality imported Italian fabrics and other materials sourced from responsible manufacturers.