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Stealth Belts are made with high-performance fabrics so that they are comfortable to wear in any setting and meet the demands of any lifestyle.
Manufactured in the USA
Stealth Belts apply a gentle pressure to the adhesive of the ostomy appliance to provide maximal security and reduce the chances of a leak.
Discreet Stealthy
The Stealth Belt holds the weight of an ostomy appliance as it fills to reducing tugging sensations and to help patients feel supported throughout their daily lives.
Comfort Style
Stealth Belts conceal ostomy appliances with a stylish and low-profile design which includes a zippered pouch compartment for easy access when it’s time to empty.

Stealth Belt Benefits

Leak Prevention

A common challenge that ostomy patients face after surgery is preventing leaks in the appliance. Stealth Belts are designed to:

  • Help prevent leaks by applying a gentle pressure to the adhesive and over the flange
  • Hold the weight of the bag which helps the adhesive stay more firmly attached to the skin
  • Reduce tugging sensations as the appliance fills
  • Increase wear time between appliance changes

Hernia Support

When fit properly, our standard Stealth Belt models provide a degree of hernia support for patients who are concerned with the possibility of developing a hernia after surgery. For patients who have pre-existing hernias, we can add reinforcement to our belts that will provide additional pressure around the hernia site and help prevent the hernia from getting worse.

Our Hernia Belts are custom made by special request, meaning that we speak directly with the patient to understand their specific condition. We design the belts to provide additional support where they need it, and not have excess material and bulk where they don’t.

How We Help Your Patients

If you have a patient with questions about Stealth Belt, please have them contact us. We have a wide variety of solutions to help people of any age or level of activity.

Our phone and online chat representatives are made up of extremely knowledgeable people - many of which have ostomies themselves. We can help patients with the measurement process, help them decide which belt is right for them, and answer any general question they may have regarding the belts and how they can help make life more comfortable.

Concealment / Discrete Solution

One of the leading concerns among ostomy patients is the visibility of their appliance under clothes. Stealth Belts:

  • Are designed to completely conceal the ostomy appliance
  • Feature a zippered pouch for easy access to the bag when it is time to empty
  • Are low profile and discrete under clothes
  • Allow patients to feel more confident in their appearance throughout the day

Swimming & Exercise

A Stealth Belt is a custom ostomy support belt that is specially designed to hold the ostomy appliance securely and discreetly in place against the body.Stealth Belts are suitable for any lifestyle. From day to day comfort to extreme sports, they have been thoroughly tested to help improve the life of anyone who wears one.Watch this video to learn more about Stealth Belts!

Recommending Stealth Belt
To Your Patients
Ostomy Belts by Stealth Belt

Collin Jarvis

Vice President / Stealth Belt User

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2013, and by 2014 I had an Ileostomy. As a competitive long distance runner, I was worried that I would never be able to compete again. My Stealth Belt gave me the confidence and security I needed to start running with my ostomy, and completely changed my outlook for the better. After being a customer for 2 years, I joined the company in an effort to help others live happier and more fulfilling lives after surgery. Check out this video I made about why you should recommend Stealth Belts to all of your patients!

Watch Video

Dear Stealth Belt People, I just posted a very positive review on the WOCN list serve. Great job. My patient says he can’t live without his stealth belt.

Cynthia J. RN
"Are you involved with a local support group or regional WOCN Conference? Would you like to hear from someone with an ostomy to learn more about the patient perspective at these events, or have a Stealth Belt representative visit and educate about the products? Contact us to learn more about our speakers, who have presented at over 50 support groups and regional WOCN conferences in the last 2 years!"
- Collin
Stealth Belt Inc. VP

The Stealthbelt Pro has allowed me to return to the job I love. It secures my ostomy bag and allows me to concentrate on the work at hand.

Firefighter Lt. Scott S.
Atlanta, Georgia
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