Be Brave! Be Bella Brave!

Hi Stealth Belt lovers!

I’m the proud mom of a superhero and her name is Isabella. Bella is five years old and a force to be reckoned with, especially now that she has her Stealth Belts to help her to keep doing what she loves.



Her horizontal Stealth Belt Pro keeps the interruptions from her ileostomy to a minimum. We are so thankful for such an amazing product that allows Bella to be a kid as often as she wants. 

My brave warrior was born with Long Segment Hirschsprung's Disease and a couple of other rare conditions that have put her through 17 surgeries, a bone marrow transplant, and a life that has meant living in a hospital for large amounts of time. 687 days total, to be exact. So when Bella gets an ounce of opportunity to go anywhere and do anything as a kid. . . we don’t take it for granted.


Sometimes Bella’s ileostomy has dumping days where large amounts of liquid stool (200-500 mL) fills up her pouch very quickly. Thankfully her Stealth Belt holds up and supports these large amounts of liquid stool for long periods of time, until Bella’s ready to take time to go and empty her pouch. 

bella_stealth_belt_2Bella’s Stealth Belt has allowed her to enjoy so much of what she loves, like watching hockey, doing gymnastics, enjoying acreage life, dancing, school, playing with friends in the waterpark, and being brave through many medical appointments


Bella has survived a life-threatening illness called SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency) and lives with a form of dwarfism called CHH (Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia). Both rare conditions have brought on many restrictions for Bella. Thankfully her Stealth Belt helps her break through many restrictions and enjoy life as any young child should.



My brave warrior may face lifelong medical challenges due to her rare bowel disease but, no matter what life throws at my Bella Brave, I know she’ll move mountains and she’ll do it with her Stealth Belt on! 




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From both of us, thank you for following, caring, and understanding. 


~ Kyla Thomson
(Bella’s Mom)