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What is a Stealth Belt?

Stealth Belt Pro Ostomy Support BeltA Stealth Belt is a custom ostomy support belt that is specially designed to hold your ostomy appliance securely and discreetly in place against your body.

Colostomy Belt Zipper Closure
It has a zippered pouch compartment that allows for easy access to your ostomy, so there is no need to remove the belt  when it is time to empty your appliance

Stealth Belt Ileostomy Belt Closure

It has a double-locking velcro closure which may be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit that you can rely on. 

Stealth Belts are suitable for any lifestyle. From day to day comfort to extreme sports, they have been thoroughly tested to help improve the life of anyone who wears one.

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Additional Benefits of a Stealth Belt

Rebecca Zamolo Ostomy Belt

  • Helps to reduce leaks
  • Shown to extend the time between bag changes
  • Improved confidence
  • It may be worn 24/7 to provide comfort and privacy.
  • Great for use in the water

Our Stories

Stealth Belt has helped thousands of ostomates around the world to return to their normal lives after surgery. Check out our blog to read some of their incredible stories!

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