Note: Many insurance companies will reimburse you for the partial or total cost of your Stealth Belts. Attention Veterans: If you are a Veteran, please let us know the name of your local V.A., doctor, and/or nurse, and we will be happy to contact them to help you get your Stealth Belts.

  1. The best option is to purchase your Stealth Belts first, then submit the invoice to your insurance company with a reimbursement request.

  2. Many insurance companies will deny your first claim and request a prescription or letter of necessity.

  3. Submit your reply with a prescription or letter of necessity from your doctor, and you will have better success getting a reimbursement from most insurance providers.

  4. Some states such as New York have recently passed laws that require insurance companies to pay for ostomy supplies. With your help, we will continue to work towards getting more insurances to fully reimburse you for ostomy supplies in the future.

  5. The American College of Surgeons has classified the Stealth Belt as the standard for ostomy belt design.

  6. If your doctor or nurse needs more information to write a letter of necessity, please send an email with their contact information, and we will be happy to contact them with helpful information.

  7. Stealth Belt is not a Contract Provider for Medicare / Medicaid at this time. If you are submitting for reimbursement with Medicare, please feel free to use this letter from Stealth Belt to facilitate that process.

Place of Service Code – Z93.X

Z93.2 – ileostomy

Z93.3 – colostomy

Z93.6 – other artificial opening of urinary tract

CPT Code – V55.X

V55.2 – attention to ileostomy

V55.3 – attention to colostomy

V55.6 – Attention to other artificial opening of urinary tract


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Tax ID number: 800698221

NPI: 1699052746

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