What is a Stealth Belt Ambassador?

The Stealth Belt Ambassador program is meant to highlight a range of success stories from Stealth Belt customers in all walks of life. Some are competitive athletes who’ve returned to their sports, and others are people who’ve returned to their normal jobs after a challenging time. The one thing they all have in common is that they’ve gotten back to living a lifestyle they find fulfilling after surgery, and they want to share their stories to inspire you to do the same!

Our Ambassadors

How to become a Stealth Belt Ambassador:

To apply to become a Stealth Belt ambassador, you must be a Stealth Belt user for at least 3 months.

After 3 months of using a Stealth Belt, you may apply to become an ambassador by submitting the following to submissions@stealthbelt.com:

    1. 3 High-Quality Photos of you proudly wearing your Stealth Belt

    1. an action shot showing you doing something you enjoy
    2. a general life shot - just you being you!

    2. Submit testimonials to our website and social media platforms

    3. Submit a witten bio of up to 1,000 words that describes:

    1. Who You are, what you like to do?
    2. What caused you to have surgery? Which surgery type did you have and when?
    3. What Does Stealth Belt mean to you?
    4. How do you inspire others to live more fulfilling lives after surgery?
    5. What would you like others to know about life after surgery?
    6. Any other information you’d like to include

The Benefits of being a Stealth Belt Ambassador:

Once we have received the above completed information and you have been Selected to be a Stealth Belt Ambassador, you may take advantage of our special Stealth Belt Ambassador benefits listed below:

  1. You will be eligible to receive one FREE Stealth Belt Pro! (#Winning)
  2. You will receive a personalized promo code that you can share with your friends, family and everyone you know that has an ostomy. This promo code will be for $10 OFF any first order of a Stealth Belt.
  3. After every 6th time your personal promo code is used, we will credit another FREE Stealth Belt Pro to your account. We will call you to let you know your credit has been applied. We call this our Ambassador Referral Program.
  4. We provide FREE SHIPPING on orders for all Stealth Belt Ambassadors.