How to Use an Ostomy Belt

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If you’ve done some research into bladder-related issues, you may have come across information about an ostomy support belt. What’s less intuitive from academic sources is how to use an ostomy belt, but the details are easy enough to understand with more information.

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What is an Ostomy Support Belt, and Who Should Use One?
An ostomy is an umbrella term for any surgical procedure that makes a hole, or stoma, in your bladder or intestine. Some ostomies are permanent, while others protect the area temporarily while the body recovers. An artificial opening doesn't have the same muscle control as the bladder or intestine, so patients often need an ostomy pouch to hold their urine or stool that passes involuntarily into the bag.
One of the most popular ostomy appliances for ostomy patients is the ostomy belt. This support belt holds the ostomy pouch in place, making it less visible and more comfortable to wear. A patient who undergoes surgery, like a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, is a prime beneficiary and needs to know how to use an ostomy belt to get their life back on track after the procedure.

The Main Benefits of an Ostomy Support Belt

Many people feel uncomfortable walking around with their ostomy bags, but ostomy belts support the abdomen and bag and offer protection during recovery. You might also be more confident about how to use an ostomy belt if you realize the benefits involved.

Faster Recovery
Most doctors recommend walking in moderation after surgery but then walking regularly when you arrive home. Walking helps stimulate bowel movement and assists with recovery. The more activity you do, the faster your body will strengthen.
The belt ensures that the pouch stays close to the body, making it easier to participate in walking and even light sports activities. Ostomy belts are also great for weightlifters as they can prevent unwanted complications. The belt holds the pouch securely and ensures that the flange fits snugly to the abdomen, protecting the seal of the pouch and avoiding unwanted leaks throughout the exercise session.
The self-confidence benefits of belts are immeasurable. Most patients feel that the support of the belt helps carry some of the weight of the pouch while also protecting the stoma. The sooner a patient can get back to their routine, the faster and more comprehensive their recovery will be.
Decreased Skin Irritation
Peristomal skin rash is a common side-effect of ostomy surgery. Much of the skin irritation comes from the drag-out of the ostomy pouch, which results in mechanical trauma, fungal infections, and moisture-associated damage from leaks.
Sensitive skin is particularly at risk for skin lesions since it can't rely on traditional adhesives to hold the pouch in place. The latex-free belt ensures the pouch stays firmly attached to the peristomal skin and keeps the stoma well-supported. It also takes weight off the skin for an improved sense of security and fewer leaks and allergic reactions.
Easier Ostomy Bag Use
The time to get used to an ostomy bag sometimes affects a patient's confidence and self-esteem. An ostomy belt makes it easier to position to pouch correctly and change the ostomy pouch. It also protects the flange during the changing session.
More Comfortable Travel
Many ostomy patients worry that their ostomy pouch will shift during travel, resulting in embarrassing leaks. Not only does an ostomy belt prevent leaks, but it also protects the bag from airplane and motor vehicle seat belts placing unwanted pressure on the stoma and the bag.
The belt is more secure since it works by holding the pouch in place. It ensures a more comfortable fit and keeps the convex skin barrier steady to ease the tension on the stoma.
Clothes You Love to Wear
A colostomy or any other ostomy surgery affects the patient's confidence in wearing the clothes they love. Most people switch to looser styles or accessories to hide their stoma. However, an ostomy belt works as a great measure of security and snugness.
Since these pieces are worn around the waist, patients can continue wearing their preferred body-hugging styles without worrying about others noticing the ostomy pouch.
Caring for Ostomy Belts
Belts attach to the body above the waist and reduce the pull on stomas. They're elastic and won’t get worn down easily.
The best way to take care of a belt is to handwash it with soap and cold water. If it becomes a more permanent accessory for you, you might notice that the belt no longer offers the support it used to after a few years. If not, it might be time to replace it.

How To Wear an Ostomy Belt by Stealth Belt

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Do Anything with a Stealth Belt
An ostomy belt is an excellent appliance for reducing the pull of a stoma. It can protect and support the opening of the pouch and boost a patient's self-esteem and recovery.
If you've had an ostomy, speak to a physician about belts that will help support your recovery, regardless of whether you have a temporary or permanent stoma.

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Helpful Features
From size, to color and fabric, our belts are customizable for your individual needs.
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Designed by Patients
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Incredibly happy with my stealth belts. I had my ostomy surgery less than 6 months ago and now have two stealth belt pros that I wear almost 24/7. The belt truly supports the ostomy device and gives you the confidence to live your life normally. Thank you so much, Stealth Belt!

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For those individuals needing to wear ostomy belts or ostomy wraps, the Stealth Belt is a fashionable and sleek belt designed to provide a comfortable, supportive and protective fit. Tucked close to the body, Stealth ostomy belts are virtually unnoticeable.

What is an ostomy belt?

For those individuals who have had a colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy or other similar procedures, ostomy bag belts provide support for the weight of medical appliances that are attached to the stoma. These colostomy wraps are carefully designed to wrap around the abdomen and securely attach to the ostomy bag. An ostomy belt creates security and support for ostomates and their colostomy bags.

ostomy belt

Ostomy belts and ostomy wraps are considered “accessories” for ostomy appliances. Meaning they may or may not be a good option for your specific needs and are not necessarily a mandatory item to purchase. That said, ostomy belts and wraps may provide additional support, comfort and discretion that many individuals find beneficial.

Ostomy wraps and belts serve a number of purposes including:

  • Ensuring proper adhesion of your pouching system
  • Accentuating or enhancing a convex system
  • Providing a sense of security
  • Providing additional support
  • Improving comfort
  • Enhancing discretion

If you are concerned about any of the above factors or are experiencing any of the following you may want to consider researching ostomy belts and ostomy wraps further:

  • Consistent or regular leakage (especially at creases or edges)
  • Premature raising or lifting of the borders of your flange
  • Your system tends to shift or move excessively during daily activities

For many individuals, ostomy wraps and/or ostomy belts provide a sense of security and reduces the self-consciousness associated with their setup. In other cases, those that participate in sports or who enjoy swimming or baths may need the increased support these accessories can provide.

Additionally, these belts can be worn throughout the night for reduced risk of leakage when tossing and turning when sleeping.

There are a number of benefits to consider when looking at ostomy belts and ostomy wraps.

Benefits may include:

  • Pouch support
  • Reduce the need for adhesives and associated skin irritation
  • Aid in improving the seal when utilizing a convex skin barrier
  • Improved stealth and reduced noticeability, helping improve self-confidence
  • Protection of the colostomy or urostomy bag from added stability and support
  • Prevention of detachment from the stoma
  • Reduction of leakage and spills caused from physical movement of the bag
  • Improved comfort
  • And more…

Ostomy kits are not the most pleasant medical devices to have to navigate life with. However, just because you have to wear an ostomy kit doesn’t mean you need to suffer needlessly.

Ostomy belts and ostomy wraps can help.

The Stealth Belt, for example, is made from highly breathable, flexible and supportive material that moves with you, contouring to the shape of your body as you move about.

Our Stealth Belt allows you to live an active life, complete with sports and recreational activities without the worry of your ostomy kit coming loose or leaking.

Our belts are discreet and form-fitting, making sure you can wear virtually any type of clothing or gear without feeling self-conscious about the appearance.

No matter if you’re making moves on the dance floor, or hitting the track, with Stealth Belts you can rest easy knowing your appliance will be kept safely in place.

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