Trey Johnson

Rugby Player
St. Michael, Minnesota

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Meet Trey

Trey Johnson is a competitive Rugby Player who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After he had surgery, Trey found Stealth Belt and was able to continue playing the sport that he loves! Trey is active on social media, and often helps answer questions for people in the ostomy community who want to get back to living a highly active lifestyle.

“Without dreams and ideas from people like you and the Stealth Belt company, I and millions of others around the world wouldn't be able to enjoy the things that we do with as much confidence and reassurance of protection all around.

Talk about good miles and putting it to the test: I played 3 full rugby seasons, 2 football seasons, spent 2 summers at the beach, traveled as far as Texas to Delaware, hiked mountain trails in Colorado all in the same Stealth Belt pro. It has been my greatest support through it all; I honestly could not have seen myself accomplishing all I have without the help of my Stealth Belt. You're definitely good on your word when you say you can do anything and everything you want again!” - Trey

Interests/ Involvement

  • Rugby player
  • EMT
  • Crossfit/ Fitness Programs
  • Traveling