with the Stealth Belt Slip-on

Made with breathable fabric and individualized flange sizes,the slip on is specifically tailored to fit you.
Manufactured in the USA
Slip-On design provides a relaxed and comfortable fit with no added bulk from an overlapping closure.
Made Just for YOU
Our comfort-focused design is perfect for sleeping, intimacy, and low-profile concealment.
"Most Slip-on sizes now ship within 1-2 business days!"

How To Wear an Slip on Belt by Stealth Belt

Sleeping with an ostomy bag at night can be an uncomfortable experience. If you roll-over the wrong way, the bag may get stuck under your body and pull on the adhesive, which can cause irritation or leaks. Wearing a Stealth Belt at night will help keep the bag close to the body so that the bottom cannot get caught under you. The Slip-On Style is an especially good option for sleeping, due to the fact that it is the lowest profile option and has no velcro that may catch on sheets.

I sleep in it every night. I like to sleep without a shirt on (particularly in the summer) and the Slip-on belt not only holds my bag securely, it also covers the bag really nicely so I don't feel like I'm wearing an ugly medical device to bed. My wife says it looks like I'm wearing a tuxedo cummerbund! Nice to have that part of my life back.

Chris S.
Chicago, Illinois
Many people worry about becoming intimate again after surgery, with concerns that are both psychological and physical. The Slip-On Stealth Belt is a great option for addressing both concerns, and it both conceals and supports the ostomy with the lowest profile and comfortable design possible. The internal pouch that holds the ostomy will keep the device from moving around or invading personal space while also keeping it concealed so you and your partner can focus on the things that matter - each other.

Awesome, a product that helps people and the customer service is great. No-one can understand what it’s like to have to wear a bag constantly until it happens tor them. These people are in the same boat as us and it shows in their care

Steve P.
Casual Wear
The Slip-On Style is also a great option for casual use as well. The Pro Style is designed with adjustable velcro to be used for a range of activities, but if you are simply using the belt to provide support and concealment for your ostomy under casual clothing, the Slip-On Style can be an excellent option to add. Because there is no velcro, the Slip-On has a lower profile all the way around, making it even less visible underneath clothing. The customized flange size and zippered pouch compartment of the belt still provide the support and concealment to give you peace of mind during the less active parts of the day.


The Slip-On style has no adjustable closure and is pulled up around the waist. This makes it lower profile and lighter weight, making it a more comfortable option to wear while sleeping or lounging.

The Stealth Belt Pro has an adjustable closure which allows for a tighter, more supportive fit that is typically more comfortable for daily activities an exercise. The Slip-on style is designed to be used in situations where extra pressure and support is not required, such as sleeping, intimacy, or in casual business environments.

Having different styles of Stealth Belts allows for the most comfortable possible fit for any activity and any time of day. Additionally, it’s best to have multiple belts to wear while others are being washed.

We have all even waist sizes from 26” inches to 46” inches available to ship next day (e.g. 26”, 28”, 30”, etc). This includes both left and right sided stomas, and flange sizes of 1 3/4”, 2 1/4”, 2 3/4”, and 3 1/4”. If you are unsure of your measurements, please follow THIS LINK to get your proper measurements, or call us at (800)237-4491.

If you have a waist size that is bigger or smaller than what we have in stock, please call us if you have questions about placing your order!

In the past our slip-on style products were all made-to-order, which caused a delay in creation and shipment. We are excited to announce that we now have a full range of sizes available, so if you get a size that doesn’t fit, simply send it back to us and immediately exchange it for one that does!

Our Slip-On belt is very different from a maternity band and other inexpensive bands on the market.

Our products uses two layers of fabric to create a pouch that encloses the ostomy bag. The inner layer of fabric keeps the bag away from your skin, wicking away moisture from sweating that occurs when the bag is pressed directly against the skin by a cheap single-layer band.

Since simple bands are a single layer, they apply equal pressure around your mid-section and over the stoma which can restrict the output from the stoma. Our multi-layer design reduces pressure over the stoma while still supporting and covering the ostomy bag.

With a single layer of fabric, the entire product will need to be removed or displaced to have access to the appliance when it is time to empty. The zippered pouch compartment of a multi-layered product like the Slip-On allows for access to the appliance without having to remove the product, which makes for an easier and more comfortable emptying process.

In addition to the design functionality, the quality of the fabric and the fact that each Stealth Belt is handmade will also contribute to the differences in comfort. Many customers tell us that they first tried a maternity or simple band only to realize that both the function and comfort are unsatisfactory so they switched to a Stealth Belt product

I use the Slip On Stealth Belt almost every day, usually when I'm relaxing at home or getting ready for bed, but I also wear it underneath shirts that need to be tucked it because of the low profile. Absolutely love the slip on!!

Collin J.
Oakland, California