Skyler Tomlin

Ostomy Advocate
Long Beach, California

Connect With Skyler:

Skyler’s Next Goal: “Go to more concerts and music festivals this year!”

Meet Skyler

Meet Skyler Tomlin, a 23-year-old girl from Long Beach, California, who has been on a journey with Ulcerative Colitis since the age of 16. Skyler's journey with the disease has been a tough one, but she has found ways to cope and even thrive. At the age of 21, Skyler underwent surgery to have her large intestine removed and a permanent ileostomy created. For Skyler, this surgery was life-changing, as it allowed her to manage her Ulcerative Colitis symptoms and live a more normal life.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Skyler has not let her illness define her. She loves attending music festivals and concerts, something she was unable to comfortably do before her surgery. Skyler is also passionate about spreading awareness about ostomies and body positivity online. On her social media channels, she shares her story and encourages others to embrace their bodies and live life to the fullest.

In addition to her love of music and advocacy work, Skyler also has a passion for fashion. She has a unique sense of style and loves to experiment with different looks. Skyler is proof that having an ostomy does not mean sacrificing your sense of style.

Aside from fashion and music, Skyler also enjoys playing board games and participating in escape rooms. She loves spending time with her three-legged cat named Jade, who is her constant companion and source of comfort. Skyler is always up for trying new things and loves to explore new foods. Before getting her ostomy, Skyler was limited in what she could eat, but now she can enjoy a wider variety of foods without fear of triggering her Ulcerative Colitis symptoms.

Skyler is also a big advocate for Stealth Belt, which she wears to go bowling and work out. The belt provides support for her ostomy bag and allows her to participate in activities that she would have been unable to do otherwise. She believes that having an ostomy should not limit anyone's ability to live an active and fulfilling life.

Interests/ Involvement

  • Concerts
  • Amusement Parks
  • Animal Rescues
  • Board Games / Escape Rooms
  • Foodie