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  • Alyssa Zeldenrust

    Alyssa Zeldenrust

    Social Media/ Outreach

    Alyssa is a Stealth Belt ambassador, as well as a part-time employee in customer service: "My passion for helping fellow patients has driven me to keep thinking of new ways to help people. I love talking to people with ostomies because we have so many shared reasons to laugh and solidarity makes life better for each other. I’m truly grateful to have work that is fed by passion. When not doing anything ostomy related, I’m drawing, crocheting, and learning archery and calligraphy. My chronic health issues often restrict my physical activity but that doesn’t stop me from having some fun. I have a lot of experience as a patient, so I can easily empathize with what our customers are going through. I’ve had Crohn's disease since 2003, permanent ileostomy in 2010, and several more surgeries. I’ve had a lot of hard years, but it helps to have supportive work families. My hope is that I can help more people connected with us so they have a new option for restoring their confidence. I love hearing success stories!"