Ostomy Hernia Belt

Colostomy Hernia Prevention & Support

The Benefits of an Ostomy Hernia Support Belt


Ostomy surgery is a lifesaving procedure that leaves physical and emotional scars. It can decrease a patient’s quality of life and lead to poor body image, social isolation, and depression. An ostomy hernia support belt can help improve physical discomfort and emotional distress.


Provides Physical Comfort

Usually, a full ostomy bag will pull on the stoma, causing physical tension. Also, if it’s not secure, the bag will move and bounce when you are active. Keeping the bag steady, the Stealth Belt helps prevent it from detaching from or snagging the stoma.

Ostomy surgery increases your risk of developing a hernia. A hernia is the bulging of tissue or an organ through an opening in the abdomen. The Stealth Belt ostomy support belt reduces the risk by preventing the defect formation that can result in a hernia.


Eliminates Rashes

Ostomy bags often cause rashes by repeatedly rubbing against the skin. Because the bag rubs against the same area repeatedly, the rash can become painful and infected. A well-fitted ostomy belt like the Stealth Belt keeps the bag stable against your abdomen, eliminating the risk of irritation.


Prevents Leaks

During ostomy surgery, a surgeon will tightly fit an ostomy bag around the stoma. However, the seal can become loose if the bag tugs against the stoma. A leak can lead to an embarrassing mess.

The Stealth Belt is a well-designed ostomy belt that keeps the bag in place, offering such extraordinary support that you can wear it while exercising and swimming without fear of dislodging the bag.


Improves Confidence

Beyond the physical impact of wearing an ostomy bag, many people experience reduced self-esteem and confidence following ostomy surgery. Patients worry that people will be able to spot the bag bulging through their clothes. A well-designed ostomy belt wraps like a second skin around the contours of your body to conceal an ostomy appliance.


How to Choose an Ostomy Hernia Support Belt

Most ostomy patients wear belts during the day and also while they sleep. As a result, you want to choose a belt that makes comfort and security a priority. The Stealth Belt manufactures several styles of belts to fit various body shapes and activity levels. The manufacturer uses the highest-quality fabric that is flexible and strong enough to keep you secure, even while participating in extreme sports.


Some of the main benefits of the Stealth Belt include:

  • Customizable by style, color, and fabric
  • Patient-designed to ensure it meets the needs of its wearers
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and flexible to meet every lifestyle
  • Snug fit of your body’s contours and under clothing discreetly
  • Rigorously tested to provide maximum protection, support, and security

Stealth Belt: Founded by an Ostomy Patient

in 2008, Richard O’Hamill founded our business as an ostomy patient who designed the first Stealth Belt to improve his comfort and confidence. He quickly recognized how his invention improved his own quality of life and became determined to help other patients feel the same. 

When you purchase a Stealth Belt, you're supporting a company that has a genuine stake in improving the lives of ostomy patients.

What Our
satisfied customers
are saying
“I am so thrilled with your stealth belt that I just ordered a neoprene one for summer sports. I am a para with an ostomy and your well fitting system works great. So much more descrete than the beige or white “underwear” belts. When my shirt rides up and I don’t know it no one has to see a pouch flapping about. Thank you and I wish you continued success.”
Shreveport LA
“Dear Stealth Belt People, I just posted a very positive review on the WOCN list serve. Great job. My patient says he can’t live without his stealth belt.”
Cynthia J. RN, CWOCN
“I have been wearing a belt 24/7 for 4 years. I have 3 and am just buying 2 more.Truly amazing, there is nothing I can’t do, that I did before my operation. Golf, hockey,swimming ….and yes sex too !! For all you people with ostomies, don’t waste one more minute without a Stealth Belt. Thank-you” - Stealth Belt Pro
Grant H.
The VA provided me with my first stealth belt and I loved it so much that I ordered another so that I wouldn't be without one. The stealth belt is a great confidence booster!
I saw another product online, however, it looks like a Model T and yours is like a Rolls Royce! After 1 day of wearing your product, I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality, functionality, and aesthetic of your product. I'm calling my ostomy nurse today and singing the praises of your products to her, so that she can suggest it to her other patients. Thanks again for developing such a great product.
Hello, I am 18 and the Stealth Belt changed my life - it made an unbelievable situation totally livable, the Stealth Belt is everything it says it is plus a ton more. Get Two! You won't want to be without it for a second. Thanks.
Just wanted to start off saying thank you for a great product, I went on my mountain bike and hit a few trails, something I have been longing to do but haven't had the courage since my surgery. The Stealth Belt has truly given my my life back, so again thank you.
Justin S.
Being diagnosed at age 4 with sever UC and at only 6 years old and having to adjust to an ileostomy has been challenging for Amanda. . . but your Stealth Belts have provided such support and comfort. . . and as she said to me this morning "no one has to see or know." I will update you on how today and the week goes. . . what a difference already! Thank you again from a very happy mother.
I received my Stealthbelt today thanks. It is way better than I had thought. Well constructed and gives that surety the wretched bag won't come off at the most inopportune time, I don't feel I need to keep checking it's still attached. We are launching into summer here in Australia and four weeks out from cancer surgery, the belt is great peace of mind. Thanks a lot.
Scottie G.
New South Wales, Australia
We purchase a stealth belt from you back in March or April of 2014 after my son’s 1st surgery to remove his colon. Although he doesn’t wear it all the time it has been great to use for when he is swimming or shirtless in the public. He is 16 years old and doing great since his surgery. The stealth belt has been great for my son Sam to be able use and continue an active lifestyle for a teenager. Thank you!!
Laurie G.
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Hi just like to say thanks the stealth belt is the best on the market I've been down the gym with it on and love it , we're of to Cape Verde in a few weeks time it means I can take my top and go swimming without feeling that everyone's starring at me.... mind saver
Colin T
Birmingham, UK
I have been wearing a belt 24/7 for 4 years. I have 3 and am just buying 2 more.Truly amazing, there is nothing I can't do, that I did before my operation. Golf, hockey,swimming ....and yes sex too !! For all you people with ostomies, don't waste one more minute without a stealth. Thank-you
Grant H.
Saskatchewan, Canada
Incredibly happy with my stealth belts. I had my ostomy surgery less than 6 months ago and now have two stealth belt pros that I wear almost 24/7. The belt truly supports the ostomy device and gives you the confidence to live your life normally. Thank you so much, Stealth Belt!
Salva B
Chicago, Illinois
Just wanted you to know my husband was wearing his stealth belt when he was stopped at the airport security for the usual extra check of his stoma and the security personnel complimented him on his stealth belt - said it was the nicest one he has ever seen. Thanks for designing a belt that is useful and good looking! ;-)
Suzanne P.
Willow Springs, Illinois
The Stealthbelt Pro has allowed me to return to the job I love. It secures my ostomy bag and allows me to concentrate on the work at hand.
Firefighter Lt. Scott S.
Atlanta, Georgia