Jesse Lindsey

Chronic Illness Advocate
Johnson City, Tennessee

Connect with Jesse:

Jesse’s Next Goal: “I would like to become more involved with the VA side of Stealth Belt and to have hernia repair surgery.”

Meet Jesse

Jesse is a 35 year old proud father of two, originally from Fordsville, Kentucky. Upon graduating high school, he went on an adventure of a lifetime by enlisting into the United States Navy, in 2006. By 2008 Ulcerative Colitis symptoms had begun to set in and he was formally diagnosed with UC in 2009. With his health worsening, Jesse was honorably discharged in 2015, and pursued more aggressive treatment, culminating in a total colectomy with an ileostomy in April 2022.

Jesse’s life with an ostomy is better than he could have imagined, being able to chase and play with his toddler, enjoy date nights with his wife (without running for the restroom, as the bill arrives), and even more, welcoming his second child into the world and knowing that his baby wouldn’t be in second place to his disease.

Interests that Jesse pursues include repurposing vintage electronics, 3D printing, watching Professional Wrestling with his boys, and planning family trips to Walt Disney World, where he enjoys doing everything and more with his trusty Stealth Belt and Stoma Dome.

When Jesse isn’t enjoying his personal hobbies, he is exploring his passion of empowering ostomates that live with hernias. He also enjoys navigating how to better assist United States Armed Forces Veterans in their journey with their ostomies and getting them into the right Stealth Belt for them.

Interests/ Involvement

  • Repurposing vintage electronics
  • 3D printing
  • Watching professional wrestling with his boys
  • Family trips to Walt Disney World