Janna Roncelli

Surfer/ Ostomy Advocate
Cardiff, California

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Janna's Next Goal: “Become involved in ostomy awareness. I’d LOVE to help anyone struggling.”

Meet Janna

Janna has had her ostomy since May 2018. She had vaginal/rectal cancer and developed a fistula during radiation and needed to have surgery before she could continue with treatment. She is now 5 years cancer free and life has never been better. She is very active and is an avid surfer/ocean lover so at first she was quite horrified that her life would be significantly altered because of her ostomy.

She researched and found Stealth Belt and immediately bought one. She said, “Oh what a game changer!” Janna was excited because she would be able to get back in the water in no time and get back to her amazing Southern California beach lifestyle. She would love to help and inspire others and share her positives with anyone that needs it! Stealth Belt has made it possible to return or even start an incredible new sport or activity! Janna says, “our quality of life does not necessarily need to suffer, we have the option to have the best if we so choose.”

Interests/ Involvement

  • Surfing

  • Swimming

  • Biking

  • Gardening