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At Stealth Belt we are taking Ostomy Support to another level. We offer new and innovative solutions for everyday life. Our goal is to provide the best in ostomy support wear to fit all your needs. 


The Stealth Belt Pro is designed to be worn 24 hours a day. Peace of mind, support, and security help you get back to feeling like you again. We use the best lightweight high tech stretch fabrics with wicking quality to keep you cool quickly. The unique Stealth Belt design allows your bag to fully expand without restrictions. Stealth Belts can be made in any size, style, or color. The Pro Style Stealth Belt is our most versatile belt. It is Ideal for everyday wear. The Pro Style is great for water activities such as swimming in the pool or lounging in the hot tub.  We understand each person is unique and we are happy to custom design your belt to fit your special needs. All products are made in the U.S.A.



The Neoprene styles are great when you love the water as much as we do. This style was originally designed to provide extra support for surfing and wake boarding. Now, it has become a favorite all around belt for all types of water activities as well as more active sports. The Neoprene is great for relaxing in the pool or for more intense lap swimmers. The material used is a very strong, insulating material, which is typically used to make wet suits for divers. This belt provides optimal security and comfort. 


The Neoprene Stealth Belt is one of our most advanced designs. This style has been developed for use in the most active and challenging physical activities; The World's Toughest Mudder 24 hour endurance race, Wake boarding, The World's Largest Waterpark Schlitterbahn, Martial Arts full contact, Skydiving, Waterskiing, Surfing, Active Duty Marines, Police, Firefighters, Border Patrol, Pilots, Running in the Boston Marathon, Major League Baseball, Hockey, Cattle Ranching, Rugby and more.  You can be sure that your ostomy will be secure no matter what activity you choose to do. Enjoy Life. Go anywhere. Do anything. 




Feel like you again. This ultra lightweight style is seamless and is almost like wearing nothing at all. The full thickness of this style belt is less than that of a pencil. The Ultra Lite weighs just 2-3 oz. The lightweight design is nearly invisible but it still provides just the right amount of support to keep your ostomy pouch securely in place. The intimacy style can be made in a variety of flesh tones or in black. The Ultra Lite is made for men and women and are available in all sizes. Enjoy a personal and intimate life again, after surgery.




The World's most comfortable ostomy belt since 2009. The nighttime comfort belt gives you peace of mind so you can rest easy again. Sleeping with an unsecured ostomy bag means plastic may come into direct contact with your skin. This can cause skin issues or make you sweat causing the pouch to come off, or develop a leak. Having a Nighttime Comfort belt for sleeping keeps a protective layer of thin, breathable fabric between you and the ostomy pouch. You can be comfortable again when you sleep.  Relax in a Nighttime Comfort Belt.   


Custom Colors Choose your own Colors or patterns 

Add a splash of color to your Stealth Belt. If you have some unique style or design preferences we are glad to help make the right belt for you. See our variety of colors and patterns. Choose a style to match your special outfit. 




We are the leader in Custom Designed Ostomy Support Belts. Our Custom Line Belts are specially designed in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles to meet your special needs. We gladly work with you to custom tailor a belt for special situations.

Our custom line helps those with specific medical needs that go beyond our Stealth Belt Pro line.

We have a worry free guarantee with our custom designs. When you order, we will include up to three modifications or remakes, if necessary, to make the belt design perfect for you.  We have custom fabrics, specialized materials, reinforcement options and other specialized design options to help obtain the best results. Stealth Belt has been the leader in custom designs since 2010.

We also specialize in double ostomy belts, hernia belts, mickey button covers and other support needs. To begin, choose some of the basic measurements to get your order started, and you will be contacted by one of our design experts within 48 hours by phone or email to help review your design needs.