Bella Thompson

Chronic Illness Advocate
Saskatchewan, Canada

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Bella’s New Goal: “My goal is to help my classmates learn more about ostomies.”

Meet Bella

Bella has had an ostomy since she was 3 days old. As Bella’s mom, I have seen my daughter learn to crawl, walk and run while living life with an ostomy! She has an ileostomy due to Hirschsprung’s Disease and Bella will keep her ileostomy until her bowel transplant happens. Bella is currently listed for a bowel transplant due to bowel failure.Stealth Belt has helped my daughter to do so much that she just wouldn’t be able to do without a Stealth Belt. With her high output, the ostomy bag can get quite heavy and not stay on well. Stealth Belt prevents that fully so she can continue to enjoy all the activities she loves.

Bella and I happily share her ostomy journey on our socials and advocate for ostomates. As a young girl with an ostomy we are happy to encourage other kids that the Stealth Belt is great for their ostomy journey!

Our favorite tip for a new ostomate is having at least 3 Stealth Belts. This way if one needs to be in the wash, you have one to wear and an extra ready to go. Bella has been wearing her Stealth Belt for close to 7 years now!

Interests/ Involvement

  • Cheer
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Dance