Amanda Parrott

Cancer Survivor
Knoxville, TN

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda’s New Goal: “My goal is to educate more people about double ostomies to crush the current stigma.”

Meet Amanda

Amanda was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in 2002. She had to undergo radiation, chemotherapy, and had a radiation implant placed. At the time she was very scared and had a 2 year old daughter so she asked her medical team, “please do whatever you can to save my life.” The doctor stated the radiation would have side effects and shortly after she had a stricture in her rectum smaller than a ballpoint pen and a bladder that was so overactive it had to be removed. This all occurred from radiation damage. She received two ostomies: a colostomy in 2021, and an ostomy in 2022. For Amana, this was a great decision as it had improved her quality of life.

Amanda’s most enjoyable times occur when she is able to play with her 2 1/2 year old grandson. Amanda says, “He is the love of my life and to be able to sit on the floor with him and play army men or go on a bear hunt through the yard is the best time ever.”

Before Amanda received her ostomies, she didn't have the flexibility to do these tiny tasks and now she is forever thankful for having her quality of life back.

Interests/ Involvement

  • Gardening
  • Enjoying time with family
  • Beach/ Lake days