Brandon Gullett

Ostomy Advocate/ Devoted Husband & Father
Paintsville, Kentucky

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Brandon’s Next Goal: “My goal is to help as many people as I can to understand ostomies.”

Meet Brandon

Brandon tried steroids for about a year but refused all other medications out of fear of the side effects. In the spring of 2015 symptoms vanished, but unfortunately in January of 2016 symptoms returned with a vengeance. Brandon along with his team of doctors ultimately decided his colon needed to be removed and a stoma put in place in early February. The surgery led to his stoma becoming permanent due to being re-diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after his colon had been tested.

In Brandon’s personal life, he is a devoted husband and father. He works in the corrections field and tries to help offenders learn about their ostomies. Brandon loves to talk to anyone that will listen about ostomies. When Brandon first got his ostomy he thought his life was over, but would soon discover the Stealth Belt. He credits Stealth Belt with giving him his confidence back and setting him on a path to meet his lovely wife and now is the father of 2 beautiful children. Stealth Belt has truly changed his life because they mean it when they say “Go anywhere. Do anything!”

Interests/ Involvement

  • Running
  • Playing with his children
  • Working Out
  • Active member of FB Ostomy support Groups
  • Shares ostomy education at work as a correctional sergeant