5 Tips For Swimming With An Ostomy Bag

After ostomy surgery, it may be a small adjustment to your routine to prepare to go swimming with an ostomy bag. Can it get wet? Will it fall off? Will I need extra support? These are all common questions and concerns after surgery. Ostomy bags are designed to be water resistant and are designed to not leak in the water if you have a proper seal. You can take a shower, go in the ocean/pool, and even lounge in the jacuzzi with an ostomy bag! Follow these 5 helpful tips to give you even more confidence and security for your next water adventure with an ostomy!


1. Use barrier rings!

Wearing barrier rings with your ostomy can be beneficial when it comes to swimming and ensuring a secure adhesive. Barrier rings act as a protective barrier between the skin and the ostomy appliance, helping to create a snug and reliable seal. When exposed to water during swimming, barrier rings can help maintain the adhesive's integrity by preventing moisture from compromising its effectiveness. This can reduce the chances of leaks, skin irritation, or the ostomy bag detaching while in the water. By using barrier rings, you can enhance the overall security and durability of your ostomy appliance, enabling you to swim with confidence and enjoy your aquatic activities to the fullest.

2.Use barrier strips for extra security.

Using barrier strips on your ostomy bag can significantly enhance the sense of security while swimming. Barrier strips act as an additional layer of protection, reinforcing the seal between the skin and the ostomy appliance. Their adhesive properties ensure a tight and reliable attachment, reducing the risk of leaks while in the water. With the added stability provided by barrier strips, you can move freely, swim, and engage in water activities with confidence.


3.Wear A Support Belt!

Wearing a Stealth Belt while swimming offers numerous advantages. The belt securely holds the ostomy appliance inside its internal pouch, helping to prevent it from shifting or becoming dislodged due to air or output filling the bag. This helps maintain a secure and comfortable fit during water activities. The belt also provides support to the adhesive and appliance, minimizing the chances of them sliding around when they come into contact with water. This, in turn, can help extend the wear time of the ostomy appliance. Additionally, the Stealth Belt offers a concealment aspect, ensuring that others may not know what it is. This aspect can boost confidence for those who prefer to keep their ostomy discreet. The belt is designed to look stealthy rather than like a medical appliance, further enhancing the sense of confidence. The Stealth Belt is available in different models, such as the Pro and Neoprene, with the Neoprene featuring a more robust fabric to minimize drag and ensure a comfortable swimming experience. By wearing a Stealth Belt while swimming, ostomy users can enjoy the benefits of security, support, concealment, and a customized fit.

4.Prepare your ostomy setup

When planning for a swimming outing, it's always a good idea to prepare your ostomy setup. Start by making sure your adhesive is secure on the current appliance you are wearing. Make sure to pack extra ostomy supplies to ensure you feel prepared and confident. Swimming can present unique challenges for ostomates so having additional pouches, barrier wafers, barrier strips, and other necessary accessories can be immensely helpful. Start with an empty bag when you are ready to go in the water! Plan your meals ahead of time! Avoid eating a large meal before swimming, especially when you have an ostomy. After eating a large meal, you may have to deal with emptying your bag often. Eating a lighter meal or waiting for an appropriate amount of time after eating before swimming can help minimize the amount of times you may have to empty your appliance. Finally pick out the swimwear you feel most comfortable and confident in!


5.Dry off your appliance

Properly drying off your ostomy after swimming is essential for maintaining a secure adhesive. Once out of the water, gently pat down the adhesive area with a towel to remove excess moisture. This helps the adhesive dry more quickly, preventing it from becoming compromised. Additionally, using a dry stealth belt, such as the Stealth Belt Pro or Slip-On, made from moisture-wicking fabric, can aid in drying the adhesive faster. The fabric's properties help absorb moisture and promote airflow, ensuring a more efficient drying process. Another option is to use a blow dryer on a low heat setting. The warm air can help evaporate any remaining moisture, allowing the adhesive to re-adhere effectively. Remember to use caution when using a blow dryer and ensure the heat setting is gentle to avoid any damage or discomfort. By following these drying techniques, you can help maintain the integrity of your ostomy appliance and ensure a secure and comfortable fit after swimming.

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